Nayi Disha

Nayi Disha is an initiative by Behbood the Society to impart knowledge and assistance to underprivileged children through which more than 40 students residing in Nagal Jwalapur Village, Dudhli are rendered with curriculum guidance and support.

Behbood the Society has been providing educational support and guidance to students who are not favoured with additional help in their studies. This project was initiated in March, 2017 in Nagal Jwalapur village, Dudhli situated in the outskirts of Dehradun. Dropping the conventional ideas of teaching the aim is to reintroduce students to an innovative and productive way of learning. Introducing the students to the disciplines of Art, Science, Music and Sports and further letting them explore the vastness of education.

Oratory, an initiative within the project Nayi Disha, is intended towards developing soft skills of the students. At the end of the two hour session on Sundays the students are asked to speak about certain social issues or current affairs. The goal is to let the students represent themselves on stage. While the students represent themselves it helps in boosting their confidence, communication skills, body language and above all creates a pool of information for them.

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