Fight The Poster Imposter

“SWACHH BHARAT” What do you feel when you hear these two words?

A campaign started by a political party, the much exaggerated beliefs of Mahatma Gandhi or really seeing your noble country clean for once.


Whatever the feeling had been, this never seemed possible for a country like ours. Well, the country is not to be blamed but some hypocritical natives. They talk about agendas and campaigns to restore the beauty of our country but at the same time sham their own agendas by sticking posters on public properties like schools, hospitals, walls, flyovers etc.

These practices are mostly adopted by political parties during elections as a means to endorse themselves, rather than using other harmless ways of promotion. Being the most heated time, elections arouse every candidate to flaunt themselves in the need of alluring voters to fill up their vote bank.

Every political party brings about as much advertisements as they can, wasting a large amount of money on printing of these posters and simultaneously using paper leading to an upsurge in the cutting of trees. As each one sets their budget, they spend lakhs on just posters and flexes. For each district a couple of flexes are printed followed by a printing of a huge count of posters. This effort, money and paper could be saved and used for things far more productive and led towards the development of the cities for which these parties veritably take oath.

Students are assigned to do this work and are also paid amounts for it. They are deviated into focusing more on elections rather than their studies. During the course of elections, if one is to roam at night they will find every public property of the city be it poles, dividers, flyovers, walls, parking signs being deteriorated by some students working for political parties and sticking their posters all around. The local vendors are irked too with these activities. As the work is being done during night they find themselves helpless in taking actions. Whom can they blame when they don’t even know who did it?

Well, stating aside the time, effort and paper that is being led to waste the important question to ask is “Aren’t these activities illegal?”

Yes, they are. The law clearly announces that these activities are illegal and can land you in jail for a period of 3 months up to 1 year. It has even been enforced by the Supreme Court. Under section 425 and 434 of IPC a person can be jailed for 1 year for such activities. But these parties, who are entrusted upon to make and regulate laws are themselves defying them.

This image is an evident example of the city being covered under posters, stuck in praise of politicians. The picture is a courtesy of Behbood The Society and the wall being defaced belongs to JOY(Just open Yourself) a Dehradun based NGO. JOY undertook this wall for a wall painting project to spread awareness to the public on preserving water.

As one can see a non-paid organization is trying to aware people on harvesting a source of nature while organizations which are highly paid to work for the society are not only dissembling it but themselves exhausting another source of nature. This is the dismal reality of our country.

This photograph was taken when Behbood The Society undertook a wall cleaning project in January 2017.

To point out a bit, as what is perceivable from the above tableau is that BJP, Congress, District Cricket Association and many other parties which are visible are the main players in the game. Ironically, the maximum numbers of posters belong to BJP who is known all over the country to be supporting “THE SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN” an initiative taken by the party’s leader and our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Another candidate “The Aam Aadmi Party”, which has broomstick for its symbols denoting cleanliness, has been itself leaving a mess upon the city.

The country desperately needs an era, where the young minds of our nation stand up as a voice of nature and speak for the beauty of our cities to end these obscene activities by politicians and parties with the aid of the law and the supreme court to make our country clean again, green again.!!!


Remove any poster you find staining your city.

– Rushil Sarna

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