It was an evening full of merriment when Behbood The Society organised its first annual event on 2nd June, 2018.

“Saarang Utsav” was held at Anganwadi, Nagal Jwalapur on the occasion of completion of one year to Behbood The Society’s literacy project Nayi Disha. It was a project commenced in April 2017, wherein weekly assistance in curriculum was provided to the underprivileged students residing in village Nagal Jwalapur. But as time passed by, the project spread its wings in¬†fields other than curriculum, which included “Oratory”, an initiative to boost up the students’ confidence, Art Competitions that let the students think out of the box, awareness programs, and fun activities related to science. All of it aimed for the overall development of the kids, which they were deprived of due to the lack of facilities.
The event was attended by more than 200 people, showing their immense support and contribution in making Saarang a success.
Also, students with outstanding performances and Behboodians with great contribution to the project were felicitated by the Founder President Mr. Vachan Anand. Behbood aims for a better and brighter future for everyone.

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