Plantation Drive – Ghanghora

“On Earth there is no heaven but there are pieces of it.”- Jules Renard. But certainly these pieces are now left ruptured and unattended. Ruptured because of calamities and unattended owing to the human ignorance. Recently this summer, the forests in Ghanghora fell in the line of humongous forest fires . Acknowledging the need, J.O.Y (Just Open Yourself), BEHBOOD and SPECS joined hands together to consolidate the present situation by organising a Plantation Drive there on Sunday, June the 19 which included overall 30 volunteers. Before planting, the volunteers established a contact with the local caretaker to plant 75 saplings of Ashoka, Jamun and Eucalyptus and fruit bearing trees in all along and around the river bank’s open area. The dedication of the participants resulted in the plantation of the aforementioned number of trees in just a couple of hours. Under the umbrella of the plantation drive the volunteers picked up the ethics of team work which led to the accomplishment of the endeavour.

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