Plant-a-thon 2k17

Plants can live without humans but humans cannot survive without plants”. The world despite being conscious of the fact seems to neglect it. With a mission to preserve nature and spread life JOY (Just Open Yourself Society) conducted its 2nd Annual ‘Plant-A-Thon’ where Behbood The Society was heartily invited. Other organisations such as SPECS, Wanderers, Grassroot Awareness and Technical Institute for society, Rotary club were also present there to enliven the atmosphere. With the assistance of the Forest Department of Dehradun and over 300 volunteers an estimate of 3000 plants and trees including bamboo, jamun, baheela, sheesham, guava, khair, babool, amla and muhana were planted on a 2 hectare land. The ambience of the event was embellished through adorning performances of Mr. Vivek Badoni, Mr. Rahul Gurung and Mr. Siddharth Panwar. With this event we foster our doon valley by adding more plants to it, as it is said “To plant a tree is to believe in tomorrow”.

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