Paper Bag Making

The use of plastic is evident throughout the world. In India we often use plastic bags to carry our regular stuffs, to buy vegetables and to hold daily needs.
Plastic bags are so inexpensive and convenient that most households use them. However, they have harmful effects. The widespread usage of polythene posess difficulties for waste management if it is not recycled. Polythene is not readily biodegradable, and thus accumulates in landfills. Incineration may result in harmful gaseous emissions.
To compile the kids with above information considering the deleterious effects of polythene, Behbood the society conducted a paper bag making activity on 19 July 2018, in the Dudhli village. A total count of 120 paper bags was observed once the activity was over. Discussing about the advantages of paper bags, the activity highlighted creativity as well as awareness among the students.
Educating the kids with use of paper instead of plastic could never be more fun and interesting.

Rightly quoted, “Adding fun to learning creates the best educational experience possible.”

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