Nayi Disha – Visit No. 35

On 5th November, 2017 Behbood the Society paid its 35th visit to Dudhli Village and marks the completion of 100 hours of imparting knowledge and assistance to the students residing there.
Today, we ask the students and our volunteers how this journey has been for them.
“Due to improper teaching and poor circumstances, students here lack even a basic knowledge about the subjects taught. I used to teach many students myself but they were unable to cope up with the syllabus. Even their parents are ignorant towards their studies. As Behbood the Society visits here every week, there is a progress in the intellectual level of the students and even the parents encourage their children to study more.” – Ashwini, 12th Pass out, Dudhli Village
“The education level of the students here is far below than that of the students in the city, one of the reasons maybe unavailability of proper education facilities. We try to teach the students in a different way so they can cope up with the competition out there.” – Prajjwal Meharwal, Volunteer, Behbood the Society
“Since volunteers from Behbood the Society have been coming from every week to teach, there has been an ease of studies in our school life. It is easy to cope up with the syllabus as compared to before.“ – Mayur, 7th Standard, Dudhli Village
As we show our efforts to not only just teach the students but also impart some wisdom and knowledge, we try to break the barrier between poverty and education and as we do so, we take a step towards what Behbood stands for ‘Upliftment’.

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