Nayi Disha – Visit No. 16

They say “sharing of knowledge is power”. Well, we at Behbood The Society couldn’t agree more. We have been providing educational assistance to around 50 students for more than 100 days since the beginning of our project ‘Nayi Disha’ on 19th march, 2017.

The project was initiated with an intent to render aid to children who are not favoured with an additional help other than school. More than 35 students residing in Dudhli, a village in the outskirts of Dehradun were enrolled on its first day followed by a few more in the upcoming weeks.

Not only are we providing them with the bookish knowledge, but are trying to contribute to their overall development as well. For this, we’ve conducted various activities including an Art competition so that the students could paint the canvas with the colours of their imagination, and also a Health and Sanitation Camp to inculcate healthy habits among them.

Volunteers from Behbood have been contributing 3 hours each of every Sunday for sixteen weeks. The project completed its 50 hours of actively teaching per student on 9th July, 2017.

Through this journey we have been providing a helping hand to these children, assisting them in their studies and at the same time inculcating lessons on other important bearings in life. The project is deemed to be continued throughout the year.

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