Nayi Disha – Visit No. 1

“If we want to reach real peace in the world, we should start educating children.”- Mahatma Gandhi.

Education is the backbone of developing countries, it takes the intellect to another level, providing a deeper understanding of the world around us. We, at BEHBOOD, have taken the first step towards teaching school going children with our literacy project, ” Nayi Disha”. The main intention behind this project is to provide school going children, some assistance in their curriculum, as they’re deprived of any additional assistance other than school. The project has commenced from 2nd April at Dudhli, a village at the outskirts of the city, where our volunteers are paying regular visits on weekends to lend a helping hand to the students.For the initial phase of the project, more than 35 students from various classes have been enrolled.

As they say, “Sharing knowledge is the first step to humanity!”, so if you are a believer of humanity, and are fascinated by the concept of teaching, contact on +91 7351308004 or register yourself at
Thank you!

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