Nayi Disha – Visit 50

On 18th February, 2018 Behbood the Society paid its 50th visit to Dudhli Village and conducted a Stationary Distribution for the students.

A journey that began 50 weeks ago, passing through activities like Art Competitions, Stationary Distributions, Health and Sanitation, Fun with Science, along with weekly assistance in their curriculum has become a successful mission to uplift.

Connecting with them rather than just teaching has led us to emphasize on their talents too. 

Through this journey we’ve observed immense change in their intellect, students once hesitant to speak now represent themselves on stage. 

To glorify the bond that has formed between Behbood and the Children of Dudhli, we gifted all our students with Stationary. 

And as we continue our journey ahead, we guide them through this voyage called Life!

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