Musical Interaction

A vibrant musical interaction with jovial and vibrant kids at Rajkiya Purv Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Deepnagar. Behbood conducted a wall painting activity at the school when the school withdrew into silence during the summer break. The aim was to surprise the kids when they rejoin the school and to give them something new so that it induces a wave of enthusiasm and excitement in them. Today, members of the Behbood society went to the school for a musical interaction with the tots. As soon as the session began, air rejuvenation lingered in the veranda of the school and kids enjoyed their time so much so that even after the school got over, they were reluctant to go to their homes. Performances by the members of the group and even the children established a bond between the two parties. Thus promising them frequent visits. Special thanks to the staff and to the principle of the school for permitting us to organise a small yet powerful activity amongst the kids.

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