Lantern Making

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” With an aim to teach through experience and practical knowledge, an activity was conducted with the students of Dudhli village on 15th October, 2017 to make LED lanterns with self designed circuits.

As the biggest festival of our country “Deepavali” approaches, it brings about a lot of celebration, happiness and prosperity, and with it comes the desire to embellish one’s home.

Lanterns were made with the help of craft material and then with a touch of science and efforts of the students, LED circuits were built to add a glowing effect to them .As the village circumstances are unable to provide resources for the students to learn, Behbood tried to introduce the students to the wonders of science. It marks a step to inspire and induce the interests of the students towards science and innovation.

More than 25 lanterns were made by the students. As students lit up the lanterns, their happiness augmented and they realised how beautiful learning can be with a hint of pleasure.

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