Food Distribution Drive

Their eyes were so vacant, it seemed their souls had flown away.
Sometimes we tend to forget that a little effort from our end could do wonders to the other person. Be it a minor curve or a major one on the face.

This Diwali, was lightened a lot more by the smiles of those who received joy in various forms.
On 18th October, 2017 , The Organisation of Behbood,took it on itself to do something worthy enough to feel and make felt immense happiness. Scouting through the busy streets of Dehradun, the volunteers of Behbood, reached Kargi. It looked more of a slum. The living of the residents over there held the power to make anyone’s eye teary. And to actually help a certain someone, you need to know that specific somebody. The members engaged themselves into heart to heart conversations with all the residents.Whilst they were describing their pathetic poor conditions consisting little or no drinkable water at times, our conversation included more of their sobbing than actual words.

This mixed emotion of sadness and pity that hit us that very moment made us morbid. But the volunteers, were there to help. Help, a lot of families in that slum and in the one we visited next suffered through similar conditions. Food shortage. Electricity shortage. Illeteracy. Unhealthy livelihood. Money scarcity. Poverty.
The new absolute will that we had developed by then provoked us to help and provide these people in need – with food, sweets, crackers and above all , A Family.

Besides distributing a hundred kilograms of wheat and hundred kilograms of rice and a hundred and twenty kilograms of potatoes amongst all of them, the members of Behbood made it their sole responsibility that all those families received sweets and candles from them in a way that would make them feel loved as if they’re their own.
Marvelous day, as it was turning out to be, it became even better, the moment those children found out that we’d brought firecrackers for them. Volunteers totally surrounded with a big flock of children raising hands in response to their “Who wants crackers?!” screams. The smile on their faces told the whole story. They were the happiest they must have been in a very long time.
“But, many of us don’t know how to read?”
Suddenly, all of them started chanting in unison- “Yes! Yes! Even I! Even I dont! Will you come teach us? Please be our teacher? We’ll be great students! Just help us learn.”
And the volunteers did, agree.

This is how the Food Distribution that aimed at fighting hunger, came to an end.

We will always pray for their things going Up and Up and their fears going down and down.

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