Election Campaign phase 2

“Fighting the Poster Imposter”

With State Elections around the corner, the running candidates have pulled up their socks and have been on full rampage for advertising themselves, their candidates and their respective parties. But in the fight of being people’s favourite, the political institutions are blindly harming the public properties by pasting their promotional posters in thousands all over the city. The faces of the candidates and their respective political symbols are marring our buildings and surroundings. In order to send out a stern message against this malpractice and to clean our surroundings, Behbood conducted Phase- II of “Wall Cleaning Activity” today at Mata Sundri Road where posters were torn off from the walls and were dumped into the dumpster a few hundred metres away from the wall. With the elections closing in inch by inch by every week, we shall conduct more such drives all over the city. We seek your support and help in the endeavour.

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