Cleanliness Drive

“If you want to clean up your city, you need to get your hands dirty!”

Marking the 3rd anniversary of the Swacch Bharat abhiyaan, a campaign by the government of India to keep the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country’s 4,041 statutory cities and towns and it’s rural areas clean, the volunteers at Behbood The Society, conducted a cleanliness drive at two of the most assiduous areas of Doing, Dispensary Road and The Tibetan Market on 2nd October, 2017. Litter from all around was collected and later dumped at a dumping ground nearby.

Cleanliness is not a matter of instinct, it is a matter of education and one must cultivate a taste for it. While India is fastly becoming the largest rubbish dump in the world, the future depends on what we are today.

Leaders like Lal Bahadur Shashtri and Mahatma Gandhi never compromised on cleanliness. They gave us freedom, we should give them clean India! For, a clean body cannot reside in an unclean city!

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