Art Competition

“If education is the disease that cripples you, even praying is next to a medicine called Education.” Inspired by the same school of thought, Behbood, on 31st of May, 2016 conducted an activity at the Rajkiya Purv Madhyamik Vidyala. The activity aimed at inculcating a habit or, to induce one in that case, in underprivileged children of the school. A better crop of youngsters are harvested if you feed them with imagination. And this is why a drawing competition was held at first- invoking the thoughts and imaginations of the tots because they know no boundaries. Understanding the need of the tools, stationary items- colours, sheets, pencils and erasers were provided to them by us. Awestruck by the responses, we managed to pick up the best three amongst them and also awarded them. The first position holder was awarded with a set of bat and ball. And a badminton set and a football was given to the 2nd and 3rd position holder. Emphasizing on physical activity along with academics, we engaged the kids in a football match. Not neglecting the music cravings, we also hosted a jam session where kids sang in unison to complete the day. A day well spent amongst the truest creations of the Almighty. The satisfaction,the pleasure and the elated feeling of bringing a smile on a face is just so inexplicable! Come! Join hands with us and share the experience of doing something good for our fellow dwellers of the country.

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