Art Competition – Delhi

“Art, freedom and creativity will change the society faster than politics.”

Behbood The Society, on 11th April, conducted an Art competition at a Children Home in New Delhi.

22 young girls participated in the competition and painted the canvas enthusiastically. The children home takes care of these girls who’ve been sexually or physically abused in some way or the other. We’d express our heartfelt gratitude to VaiShu TyagiHarsh KansalAnanya Bahuguna , Nakshatra Singh RawatPranshu Bhasin and Vachan Anand who put in their effort for the coordination of the contest.

The zeal and excitement on the children’s faces could express how wonderful the experience was.

Basic stationery at the end of the competition was distributed among all the juniors. Also, we’d not be able to share the pictures of the participants due to the sensitive information.

We need to help these girls and all our children realise their worth and find confidence that has been long lost in them.

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