Paralympic games – Uttarakhand

In 1996, I watched the Atlanta Olympic games and I saw Michael Johnson win the 200m and 400m double. As he stood on the top of the podium, I knew I wanted to represent my country at the Paralympics and win gold.
-Ali Jawad.

Many of us got inspired by the zeal and enthusiasm of the athletes present on the 18th & 19th October. The sports department and the Paralympic society of Uttrakhand conjointly conducted the first state level Paralympic games. It was inaugurated by the sports minister, Dinesh Aggarwal. The event consisted of games like sitting volleyball, long jump, 100m and 400m race. Our volunteers were invited to motivate the participants and also to assist them. Our efforts were recognised and appreciated by all making the members proud. A special thanks to Prem Kumar Sir for inviting us to an event that motivated us to do better in life and realizing that “nothing” is impossible.

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